How to maintain your skin Glow under a Hot Sun

Maintaining Skin glow under a hot temperature is a gradual process. It is not something anyone starts overnight.The sun is very hot right here in Nigeria Africa. Some days, it gets to 99 degrees Fahrenheit but your skin can still glow the way it should glow. What are you doing about the skin glow? How can one maintain a glowing skin.

  • Exfoliate properly: Exfoliating should be more intense when the weather get so hot and uncomfortable. The sun is hot, your exfoliating should be more fibrous than soft.
  • Avoid harsh ingredients: Maintaining a glowing skin starts with knowing that some ingredients are not good and should be avoided. Go for organic rather.
  • Vitamin C is important: You need a good source of collagen and maintenance and vitamin C offers all.
  • Exercising when the sun goes down: It removes free radicals and improves circulation
  • Use an SPF before you go out
  • Stay away from UV rays as much as possible
  • Stop sleeping on dirty beds so you don’t have break outs.

Hope you learnt a few things…



THis is lovely

Hello Hello November

Hey guys. I officially welcome you to a new month. I know its coming late but pardon me.  Sorry for being awool had exams and all that stuff but am back b’s

As a blogger, model etc you need to know how to take pictures. If you’ve been following me on my previous Instagram account that got hacked, you’ll know what am saying. Am no professional but I’ll be giving a few tips that has really helped me alot.

             *GOOD LIGHTING*

IMG_20171106_231617 Jasmeann, Taking good pictures

Its amazing what good lighting can do to your pictures. So move your phones side to side till u get that perfect light or u use an overhead flash.

If your outdoor, try not to take pictures under direct sunlight and take pictures with the sun facing you.

IMG_20171106_231600.jpg          pictures gotten…

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Danz entertainment’s presents


WAFCAA is an event created by Danz entertainments Nigeria to appreciate arts and entertainment mostly the modeling,fashion designing and comedic arts in Warri Delta state.

WAFCAA also appreciates other acts in the industry by nominating them for the awards of the most fashionable people in their respective entertainment categories.

This event has been set to hold on the 22 of December 2017 and is promising to be fun filled. The Warri Fashion Comedy and Awards will have a lot of people in attendance and it promises to be superb and so fun.

Now let’s go down straight away to the nominee categories. Hey people don’t forget that there will always be a link where you could go and vote for your selective nominees in the nominee sections. Don’t just be an onlooker, be a part of this, vote for your nominees.

  • Most Fashionable Male Model: For these Category we have four nominees. They are Izik Blacq, Obele Michael,Temisan and Raymond Ojiawu.

Izik Blacq:

Obele Micheal:


Raymond Ojiawu:

Vote for your Best Nominee in the Most Fashionable Male Model Category Here

  • Most Fashionable Female Model: For thus category, we have Queen Onyemaechi, Joy Ejironiovo and Sunday Favour

Queen Onyemaechi

Joy Ejironiovo:

Sunday Favour:

Vote for your best nominee Here

  • Most Fashionable DJ: In this category, we have: Clovis, Phamous and Switchy




Vote for your best nominee under this category nominee Here

  • Most Fashionable Actor:In this category we have Uti Nwachukwu, Dave Ogbeni and Mario Gabriel

Uti Nwachukwu:

Dave Ogbeni:

Mario Gabriel

Vote for your best nominee for this category Here

  • Most Fashionable Actress: The nominees are LizzyGold Onuwaje, Ani Amatesoro, Ebube Nwagbo and Peggy Ovire

LizzyGold Onuwaje:

Ani Amatosero:

Ebube Nwagbo

Peggy Ovire:

Vote for your best nominee Here

  • Most Fashionable Designer: The nominees are Benjamin Gold, Bsing (Bsing Wears), Tega Obahor, Ejiro Amos Tafiri and Kelsidi(Jae’s Innovation)

Benjamin Gold:


Tega Obahor:

Ejiro Amos Tafiri:


You can vote for your favorite nominee Here

  • Most Fashionable Pageant King: They are Victor Bryan (Mr Bold Nig World) , Daniel White (Mr Bold Nig World), Okiti Jonathan (King Nig World) and Lucky Nwosu (Mr Infinty Nig Global)

Victor Brayan

Daniel White:

Okiti Jonathan:

Lucky Nwosu:

Vote for your nominee Here

  • Most Fashionable Pageant Queen: They are Umudi Cherish (Miss Bold Nig Intl), Asoro Eunice(Queen of and Eviano Eunice(Miss Social Delta)

Umudi Charles:

Asoro Eunice:

Eviano Eunice:

Vote for your best nominee Here

  • Most Fashionable Music Artist: The nominees are Victor AD, Twestt, Percy, Solar X and Track Chukwudi.

Victor AD



Solar X

Track Chukwudi:

Vote for your best nominees Here

  • Most Fashionable OAP(On Air Personality): Jock Fresh Prince, Kerry kacy, Rejoice Debekeme, Zion Oshiobuge

Jock Fresh Prince

Kerry Kacy

Rejoice Debekeme:

Zion Oshiobuge:

Vote for your favorite nominee under this category Here

  • Most Fashionable Comedian: In this category we have I Go Laugh, Mc Meeky Runtins, Bright Sun(Mama Akpos), Mr Paul

I Go Laugh

Mc Meeky Runtins:

Bright Sun(mama Akpos)

Mr Paul:

Vote for your best nominee under this category Here

  • Fashionable Media of the Year: The nominees are Not Just Warri, Warri Update, Kari Waka TV, Crown FM and Quest FM

Not Just Warri

Warri Update:

Kariwaka Tv

Crown FM:

Quest FM:

Vote for your best nominee Here

  • Fashionable Slayer of the Year: The best dressed at the event!!!! So wear your best and come to slay!!!!

Bomber Jackets You must Add to Your Wardrobe.

Bomber jackets are not new and they’ve been an essential part of many wardrobe designs. They’ve been around for a while now and day in day out, we see recent trends of these amazing bomber jackets.

Photo Credit (Tumblr): Japanese fashion Archive



Why are they called Bomber Jackets:

Bomber jackets have a particularly aesthetic and hence, they got their names. They give this full look to one’s dressing; a kind of jacket one could hide stuffs in. They are so beautiful and if you don’t have them in your wardrobe, then you are missing. See some pictures below:

Photo credit: Tumblr: Nicksucio




Fashionable African dresses you should wear for a Date

African dresses have this age long history of always standing out when worn for a date. Date night outfits are usually overrated and most times, we get so used to the high waist trousers and cotton suits that we overlook the fact that African dresses are a unique way of bringing something different to the table.

A woman rocking an African Dress

What are African Dresses?

African dresses are any prints made in Africa that display multi-cultural shapes and designs. That is, they come in many diverse shapes among diverse ethnic groups and cultures in Africa and are so African in their representation and looks. Most times in Africa, we cannot associate one’s tribe through one’s dress. For example, the Ghanaians would sew brightly coloured African print dresses but the Yorubas of Nigeria prefer duller colours or variants of these same African dresses.

Fashionable African dresses one can style for a date:

It’s your date and it must be with African dresses. So, I’m going to be showing some picture galleries of sample dresses I feel women can emulate or duplicate to make their date worth talking about.

  • African dresses with lace sandals style:



  • African dresses in Ghana style:


  • African dresses with a touch of unity:



  • The Sassy African Dress with heels to complement:



  • Afro-Nubian African Dresses:



Are you using the Right Skin Care Products? Find out now.

Hello people it’s a sunny Thursday right here in Africa and the sun ☀️ can’t get hotter than it is now. It is 16:03 right now from where I am and I hope your day is ending well.

Well today, I decided to talk about the skin care products we use. What makes your skin care product great for you. Do you browse ingredients in any skin care before you buy? Do you watch your skin closely for the first weeks while using your products? Well if you don’t just read on. In this post, I’d review the methods and ingredients I watch out for when buying my skin care products and the ingredients and characteristics you should also watch out for.

  • Creams: Well, I am a proud fan of Fair and White series and it’s a Family cream here. Everyone in my family uses fair and white and one would quickly insinuate that it is a toning cream but it’s far from that. Fair and white come in different varieties. I use the Vitamin C because it rejuvenates my skin. Okay let me not say so much story let me just dive in.

My friend last year after visiting my house commended me on my skin care products but also asked why I had so many products as a man. I laughed at such myopic Nigerian mentality because he failed to realize that looking good is good business and people love staying around attractive people.

Fair and white Vitamin C offers a lot of benefits to me. First, I feel it exfoliates my skin. The glow is so visible. I’d recommend this cream to any body that wants a nice glow. I don’t use facials because I react mostly to the scent chemicals and Parabens in them but this fair and white came at a time when I had given up on my skin. Before that time, I was friends with acne and folliculitis. I had so low a self esteem and it was as if I was barely living but when I began using fair and white Vitamin C and washing my face thrice a day, I saw the acne bade me goodbye. It was the best time of my life.

When I was done with the Vitamin C I decided to use the Gold series and I must tell you that it’s been fun all the way. Lol Gold gave me this tan glow I’ve been dying to have but for convenience sake I feel I might go back to the Vitamin C series soon because it has been my best Fair and White product so far. The main ingredients are Vitamin C and Glycerin for the Fair and white Vitamin C and for the Fair and white Gold, it’s main ingredient is Glycerin. However, you are to avoid sunlight when using Fair and White because it contains Glycolic Acid that is sensitive to sunlight.

  • Hair Products:

Okay my hair Care products are as important to me as my skin care product and ever since I went natural, I decided to step up my hair Products game. If you have been following my other posts, you’d see that Hair Care is an ever evolving process. It’s never a one time stuff. You have to keep working at it and working and working and working.

Firstly, I had to correct myself on how I used conditioners (all my hair Care products are conditioners). I had to use conditioners on damp hair not dried hair. It was like a new discovery and it has really helped me maintain my edges even as a man. Then I had to know that okay I have to follow examples like tying my hair every night with a satin scarf and stuffs like that. The journey has not been easy but it’s been what it overall.

So my main hair care product is the Beautiful Textures Tangle, Taming and leave in Conditioner. It’s so cheap and you could get it for as low as 1800 naira from online shops like

It contains natural oils which are my hair favorite. I’m this type of person that lives quality over quantity. That something is 12,000 Naira or 40 Dollars doesn’t make it better than the one of 10 Dollars. Sometimes, these big industries don’t consider less privileged people or people in third world countries and because they have made a name they are more about profit than quality. Hence, all my skin and hair products are affordable trust me. I wouldn’t buy what I wouldn’t want my children to buy 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Okay so the Beautiful Textures contain Argan Oil, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Ginseng Extract, Glycerin, Aloe Vera, Mango Butter, Shea Butter (Ori in Yoruba) and so on. If I go on, we wouldn’t leave here. Just start shopping.

I advise people to go natural when using hair care products. Don’t relax when you could use natural oils to maintain a frizzy hair or when you could just texturize. These artificial stuffs give lot of “main stream” hair looks but their consequences are constant hair loss and a thin hair. Natural oils give you a healthy, nourished and bounteous hair.

Soul mate too has placenta and some essential natural oil extracts. Do it natural. Go for natural oils compared to them “advanced” formulas.

Perfumes and Deodorants:

I’m a student and you don’t expect me to be using a perfume of 60,000 naira or 200 Dollars. You have to be economical and still be presentable. So yes those are my perfumes and stuffs. You could ask for their prices online but they are all within 3 Dollars (1,000 Naira) price range.

  • Lip Care: You’d know I also care about my lips if you have been following my previous posts. I hate when my lips peel and hence I take lots of fruits and keep my lips dry by drinking lots of water and using a simple Vaseline. So there it is , that’s my vaseline. It’s antiseptic and also very affordable. That’s the student package I can afford as a student.

Now over to you all. I want to ask how is your skin regime like? Are you using the right products? You should avoid creams that contain Hydroquinone because it bleaches badly and gives a lot of knuckles and this is Nigeria where the sun is over 30 celsius. You shouldn’t be bleaching in a tropic region. If you must use bleaching creams you should go for the ones with Kojic Acid as it is a natural acid and it is quite safe. It is even natural and made from a fungi (Aspergillus oryzae) and so, you could trust it as a better bleaching option compared to Hydroquinone. However, if you must use creams with Hydroquinone, you should use a sun screen Factor or SPF of 50 or more. Many creams in Nigeria are Hydroquinone based that the manufacturers don’t even write Hydroquinone again as the main ingredient for fear of it getting banned. But hence like I said, you should do a thorough research before selecting creams. Remember looking good should be healthy and not just about looking good. What does it profit you to have a very fine face but dark knuckles?  This skin regime is actually worse for fair people in the tropics because in the process of trying to maintain your glow, you could fall into certain prohibited boundaries. You could go for natural creams rather that contain natural oils. How about making some oils yourself? Well stay tuned for the next week’s review so you could get some skin regime inspiration.

So people, hope you really enjoyed this skin review with me. I know some of you must have been amazed I use a lot of skin care products or more amazed that a guy knows so much about creams but it’s all part of the deal. Now, I’d love to hear what products you use too. You can take pictures and show me. please use the comment box. Don’t just walk away. You could inspire me and a host of others by dropping a comment. I’d love to hear comments or recommendation from you all too. If you enjoyed this post, you should share it too to other people. I must add that glowing is a gradual process and it doesn’t happen overnight. You should lose hope when you use skin care products and your skin doesn’t change. Give yourself time and you’d glow. Also if you notice funny reactions when using new products, you could contact a beauty therapist. One thing y’all must take from this post is that I am affordable and I still get the job done.

That’s me and I look forward to hearing from you or working with you. Bye people and thanks for stopping bye.

Unusual Hairstyle Inspiration For Black Women.

It’s that time of the year when women would be wanting to try out up funk hairstyles that we don’t get to see on a daily. And so, to fuel your inspiration, I decided to drop some hairstyles I feel you should add to your up funk diary.

  • Fall Curls: While, the frizzy hair and natural look does it, sometimes you could opt for a more breezy curly look. Curls are so beautiful and give this extra finish to anyone and what’s more? They are also easy to do.

Using a texturizer (Not a relaxer) and some curl creams could do the magic for you in minutes.

  • Puff Hairstyle: It’s Fall and yay!!! Puff hairstyles should be added to your weird diary looks. Okay don’t get me wrong, puff hairstyles are very beautiful but they are not the conventional hairstyles. But they are great for a vacation and they give this extra feminine finish.

Retro Curls: Who doesn’t like retro-vintage looks? Of course you should add it this fall to your hair style diaries.



Perm Hairstyle: OMG, every lady with a perm out there is a queen. Every lady is a queen but the perm ones do it better for me. If you not thinking about perming your hair this season, then what else are you thinking of?

Mohawk Hairstyles: They are simply great and splendid and come in different varieties. You choose your flavor yay!!!!


Okay people, here are my thoughts on unusual hairstyle inspirations. Don’t forget to leave  a comment and connect with us on Facebook and like this post. See you next week for another amazing hairstyle tip(s) and please, do enjoy your Wednesday. Happy Hump Day.

Mascara Brands I totally love.


“Mascara is everything” my friend said as she got her new set of Roller Lash Mascara. It’s quite easy to overlook how important these products are mostly because most women just over use them or don’t use them at all but with the right amounts, mascara could make you stand out. They give this sassy attitude that I totally love and enhance the other make up products; from eye shadows to lipsticks. So in  today’s edition, I’d be featuring top 2 mascara brands I love. Hope you enjoy the post as much as I do. Sit back and read.

  • Roller Lash Mascara:

I may be a little biased here now but then roller lash is the first mascara I’d recommend to any woman. In fact, it is a super curling and lifting mascara. Who wouldn’t love roller lash? I love the feel it gives on women who use them. 97% say it curls their eye lashes and gives them this curly-rolly feel, 80% say it lifts the eye lashes, 90% say it’s a yes for them and one of their must-have brands and 90% say it long lasting. So yes it’s the first on my list. Shop for it here

  • Urban Decay Perversion Mascara:

urban 2

Okay so Urban Decay made it to my top two! Yaay! Okay first, I love this one because it is water proof and has this full creamy feel to eye lashes. Any one who has used Urban Decay knows what I’m talking about. You’d just stand out and even rain drops can’t spoil the mascara. Of course, I’d recommend this mascara to any woman that wants a great mascara finish. It is so so black and even a stroke does it! What’s more? It contains proteins that stimulate eye lash growth. Okay people shop for it here

urban 3.JPG


And here is where I’d stop on the mascara review so far. Hope I featured some great mascara brands you love? If I didn’t, no hard feelings, just feel free to drop your brands in the comment box. You can shop the links to the brands in this post. My Facebook page is Diary of A Black God and I’d love to keep in touch. You could like and message and shop from the page. For the main time, bye for now and do stop by some other time for more make up reviews.

How to Spice up Your Dates


Thank God it’s Friday and yayyy I’m going to be resting for the weekend. Okay so today, I thought I should give women some tips on how to spice up their dates and make themselves more appealing. It’s the 21st Century and you just can’t be left behind the whole rave of meeting people and hooking up. Just like everything else, going for a date doesn’t mean he’d accept you or want to build with you. Other times, he might just want to be flirty with you, have a nice sex with you then keep you on read forever. so how do you prevent this ladies. Okay let me outline some points I would like to see in any woman I would want to date.

  • Work on your appearance: In any date, the way you present yourself matters a whole lot and determines whether you’d be accepted or not. It’s not just about wearing sexy clothes. Let us see the attitude in you through these clothes! Remember the way you dress determine how you’d be treated. Yes we know you want to keep it sexy but endeavor not to be too showy!
  • Come on time: Lateness writes you off totally.


  • Have a voice of your own: Even as accepting his point of view would make you more wanted, every man wants a woman with her own views.


  • maintain a clean hygiene while with him: This entails brushing before coming, not picking your teeth with fingers or tooth pick and not licking your lips excessively.


  • Maintain eye contact: Who loves a timid girl? Go girl and look into his eyes while he speaks to you.


  • Be extra feminine and be you: Your hair? Let it be feminine. The way you sit? Let it be feminine. Don’t try to impress so much, at the end of the day it’s not a desperate situation. Let everything flow.


  • Don’t drink too much so you’d be conscious of your words and actions.


  • When he kisses you smile, when he says something funny laugh. Please drop your family situations at the door, it’s a date.


  • Don’t try to exaggerate your achievements.


  • Eat moderately and don’t look too needy.


  • Having sex  on the first night doesn’t make you a whore: If you like him and want to experience a night out, then go for it but be sure to differentiate between lust and love. Don’t let people control you. You are matured and you should know what is good for you!

Okay people, these are just basic tips, don’t forget it’s a date. Be happy and have fun and play a lot too. Kisses? Yes they necessary. See you all in full force next week. Bye!!!




I love them with Ankara shoes on

Hey readers just something to keep y’all coming back. It’s Thursday and you know that Thursdays are for reviews. So today I was privileged to see Layefat our pre-birthday shoot photographer in University of Lagos and I was stunned by her shoes. Hence with her permission I decided to star her on my blog on this review.

Many women would be asking why they should go for Ankara shoes over normal European shoes. Well while I love the looks and fitting European shoes give ladies, Ankara makes you stand out.

  • Ankara shoes can be Home made and they come in so many designs
  • The designs are always so creative and unique
  • They don’t spoil because they are usually clothe materials
  • They give this unique “extra black” look to your dressing

Now reviews are done and you must be asking how you could get one. Okay let’s start with simple techniques:

  • Cut some Ankara pieces from old AMAKA clothes you don’t use anymore
  • Get a foam and gum
  • Get some heels
  • With the Ankara piece make it into any desirable style on the shoe heel
  • Use a foam to give it look

Use gums as finishing.

Places you can wear the shoes to:

  • Church
  • Parties
  • School etc

And yayyyy you have an Ankara look. Why not start today. Rock it and drop reviews as well.

Thanks Layefat for staring and hope to see you soon enough.