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Gigi Hadid Jet-setter Palette

Earlier last week, Gigi Hadid; model and Instagram star took us by surprise when she announced a major launch of her make up line: Gigi Hadid Jet-setter Palette. We were all blown by surprised when this American top model brought an all in one palette make-up kit that is now trending in beauty shop worldwide.

Just three days ago, she took to her Instagram a major pre-launch of her palette which she claims has everything inclusive of a palette. The trouble of looking for where to do a light makeup or looking for a suitable mirror has  been solved by this palette. The palette has neutral eye shadows, concealer, lip gloss, highlighter, contour powders and a small well designed mascara.  I feel this palette is every thing a woman needs to have as it is very portable and easy to handle. The best part is that it is affordable.

Gigi Hadid Jet-setter Palette
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Gigi Hadid Jet-setter Palette
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Gigi Hadid Jet-setter Palette


Unfortunately this palette is not available worldwide but Hadid promises us that she would solve that soon. However, you could sign up at the BootsUk or Maybelline (where it’s launching in 4 days 15 hours from now) and when it’s ready, information would be communicated to you on how to get it.


I hope to see lovely pictures and reviews from everyone that has used the palette kit soon.


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Ways to stop your Lips from continually peeling.

I get this question every time among people that are constantly shedding their outer lips on what lip regime they should use and hence, I decided to write this post to debunk whatever rumor you must have heard about taking care of your peeling lips. I also suffer from dry lips from Tim ego time and so, this post is like the tips I used in ensuring my lips stay soft and wet to avoid them peeling. It’s not been so easy especially for people that have dry skin or other conditions but I think the following steps help a little to alleviate the situation.

  • The first thing I advise people to do is to increase their vitamin C intake. Most times, lips peel as a result of malnutrition or low vitamin C levels. You could start with eating an apple 🍎 a day, taking oranges 🍊, eating cucumber 🥒 anything at all you could lay your hands on that have vitamin C should help your condition. I wouldn’t advise the vitamin C tablet because when they are not digested properly, they could cause stones and you don’t want to get stones in the process of curing dry lips.
  • Hot water Therapy: Another thing that works wonders for peeling lips is hot water therapy. Hot water therapy is easy to make and use. You just start by boiling the water to a moderately lukewarm temperature, you could also add little salt to help with killing germs and healing. Lukewarm salt water helps in healing and removing the crew of dry lips. All you need to do is boil this water and gaggle continuously.
  • Vaseline is Important : For Lip injuries, you cannot afford to go so expensive. Keep it simple, apply Vaseline. Vaseline works by preventing germs from growing and it also aids in healing wounds as it keeps them sterile and soft. What’s more, Vaseline helps the outer crusted layer to fall off exposing the succulent pinkish layer underneath. Whatever regime you are practicing for your lips, I think Vaseline’s are best. They give this no makeup look and everyone could use them irrespective of gender.

You must remember that the above are subject to scrutiny and are based on personal opinions. However, I’d advise you to do whatever technique works for you. Dry lips are not healthy and could even break and bleed and no one wants to kiss crusted lips. Begin today-Glow up- Start from your lips.

How to make and Style Frail Jeans(reggae Jeans)

Good morning readers, it’s been a while and I’m glad to actually start your Monday with a post on Frayed Jeans. Frayed Jeans is a come-back fashion and I’m glad to tell you how to style a frayed jeans and ho to make one if you actually want to.

For Black women, styling a frayed jeans shouldn’t be hard. With all the curves and hips and poise, anything classy can go with your frayed jeans. You could match it with heels, some nice cover-shoes or anything spicy you have in your wardrobe. Well let me give you some picture inspirations below:

So you saw them thirst trap pictures right? They come in Jean trouser and shorts so there’s enough to go round. Guess work, you can rock them to anywhere depending on how frail they are. Okay so how do you make frail jeans? I actually made one today and these were the steps I used basically.

  • Materials used: I used a scissors and needle laced with thread. The scissors was to cut the jeans before fraying it. The needle and scissors were for fraying and the thread as for specialized effects.


  • You can start by removing the end of the Jeans: The end of the jeans must be removed to allow the fraying begin.IMG_6432.JPG


  • Frail vertically and not otherwise: Fraying should be vertical and the edges of the jeans should be forced out using a scissors and needle.

So basically, that is what I could make today and guess what the end result is? Well see what I made.



So people, it’s Monday. Start your week by being creative. Fray your jeans! You could leave creative comments below




Popular Beauty Myths Busted on Thursday Beauty Review

When discussing beauty, we have different misconceptions about what the ideal should regimes of beauty should be. People usually form lots of misconceptions about what they feel beauty is or what beauty is not. I decided therefore to outline some popular beauty myths there are. Some popular beauty myths are:

  • People with oily skin shouldn’t use moisturizers: Researchers have concluded that to reduce oil on the skin, one should use oil based products. When the skin is dried out by ingredients like sacylic acid etc, the body overcompensates by producing more oil and hence, the vicious cycle continues.

  • Coconut Oils and Palm Kernel Oils darken the skin: That’s another popular myth especially among caramel toned people. How can one deduce that coconut oil and palm kernel oils so rich in vitamin E darken the skin. Vitamin E is so essential for damaged skin and it also firms skin. So when next you feel like going natural, add some coconut oil or palm kernel oil to the mix . Repeated use of coconut oil produces so much improvement in skin tone, skin irregularities and skin color.


  • Hot water lightens the skin and restores natural beauty: People of this generation are so quick to preach about the wonders of hot water. Many praise hot water from its ability to cure cough and heal wounds to even its ability to improve one’s color. While hot water might be good for healing wounds, it is detrimental to the skin. It dries out the skin’s natural oil and causes wrinkles. Hot water jars the skin and makes it very prone to irritation which often come as red blotches on the skin. So when having a clean bath, it must not necessarily be so hot just ensure to wash well.

  • Medicated soaps work best for acne: Acne are basically caused by a dirty skin usually as a result of poor hygiene or an irritated skin. However, beyond our control at times, genetics and hormones would predispose one to acne. Instead of using harsh soaps which dry the face of natural oils, you can use opts for washing the face regularly with water and making sure you avoid touching the face excessively as this increases the pimples. In other words, you can use a clean handkerchief instead of harsh soaps.
  • Using harsh sponges work best for the skin: Treat your skin well and it will treat you well. Work with soft sponges, avoid irritating the skin by excessive scrubbing. You could use bath solutions and every other stuff that works wonders for the skin. Scrubbing the skin hard will not remove the dead cells from the face neither will it cause skin rejuvenation, do it rather soft and watch your glow.

These are basically the issues involved in skin care routines that I pointed out. There are other myths about skin care that are out there but before you practice any routine be sure to check the importance. If you have comments and recommendations, then use the comment box below.

What you should really know about maintaining braids

What are braids to you? Well for me, they are the most beautiful part that women enjoy. The ability to make twist up their hair and carry these twists in many shapes and style. Braids are really beautiful and we all know how expensive it is to put some really nice quality braids on the hair.

So what should women know about braids exactly?

  • Your braids last as long as you can care for them: Initially, braids look so beautiful and perfect after they’ve undergone the hot water therapy and they’ve been creamed up and lotioned but after some weeks and months, they deteriorate. And then, we see undergrowth around them and some even begin to smell and scratch badly. Now women, your braids last as perfect as long as you can manage them. When you treat your braids like a baby, they will treat you like mama.

So how can you treat your braids so nice that they’d stand the test of time?

  1. Always remember to apply gel to the front part of the forehead to make new undergrowths clean and unnoticeable. Applying gel gives this kind of extra feminine look to braids.

2. Don’t forget the to regularly trim overgrowth: This is a part most women skip. They claim that when one trims over growth she might end up trimming her hair or cutting off a large chunk. Well sister get you a mirror on the wall cause you need it to make the braids last longer.

3. Hot water and conditioners should be your friend: I know you are kind of surprised but yep while on braids you should still remember to use hot water to smoothen edges especially after trimming and rub a conditioner to give the hair that extra look the hair needs. What more are you waiting for? To do this professional walk into a salon and ask for a clean treatment at a very affordable price.

  • Braids are not as time consuming as you think: That’s one problem I have trying to convince the natural fro women how beautiful braids can be. They are time consuming yes but with the right technicians you could finish in couple hours at a very affordable prices. However, go for quality braids other than cheap ones because the quality usually determines the longevity.

So I’m super excited to share some pictures of great quality braids that I think should inspire women at least to start fixing braids.

You wouldn’t know exactly how beautiful you’d look till you get some braids on, only then would you appreciate the fullness of womanhood. I’d be waiting for nice pictures. Do you have any other ideas on maintaining braids that you feel I skipped, then use the comment box 🤗🤗🤗

Reasons why you should switch from Solid Foundations to Serum Foundations for Tuesday Specials.

Most women struggle between the need to look beautiful and yet look natural. I was speaking to a friend who I thought applied just a little bit of foundation, I was complementing how beautiful she looked but at the same time telling her how plastic she looked.

I cannot over-emphasize the dangers of foundations or should I say normal foundations. Most times, women have breakouts after using foundations. Sometimes, they also experience hyper pigmentation especially when the foundation type is sub-standard.  In all these, scientist globally then decided to produce something that combines the good qualities of a serum and the comfortable qualities of a liquid foundation.

So why exactly would he be vouching for serum foundation?  Regular foundations the one that come in those oval shaped containers or the modern cone like containers could cause a lot of skin break out and even folliculitis. They do this by blocking the pore spaces. Most times, women apply foundation through out the day and even sleep at night with it. Serum foundations on the other hand have entirely different modes of operation. Let me not talk too much, let me outline my reviews.

  • They work best with the skin: Serum foundation is Bae. I mean, who wouldn’t like them. They slid and roll well on the face once they are applied. These foundations which usually come in liquid forms are so easy to use. What do you do? Just pour on your palms and apply! Easy as ABC. With the chemicals in them, they dry so fast and don’t leave all those layers regular foundations leave. Just an application would convince you. Some people for extra reasons prefer to use cotton-wool to apply the serum foundations. Which ever work best for you, just remember that these foundations absorb better, stay longer( sweat does not remove them), most of them are not sun-sensitive and they last longer. So that means you can take a jog, go to gym and do regular activities without being scared that they would wash off. What else are you waiting for, if I were you I’d walk into the nearest Sephora Shop to get them. You can start online here or here
  • They also add some nutrients to the skin: Apart from the foundation benefits that they add, they also add some nutrients to the skin. Some help with under lines and help with wrinkles. They usually have SPF ranging from about 20-30, they protect against harsh UV rays and could enhance one’s skin texture and beauty. The Bare Skin Serum Foundation for instance offers this great benefits. They are enhanced with vitamin C cells for skin rejuvenation and lilac stem to address damaged skin. Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation Serum  too offers those benefits.  So unlike the regular foundation, the serum foundation offers great benefits too.
Bare skin Serum Foundation
No Foundation Foundation Serum - Perricone MD
Perricone No Foundation Foundation Serum
  • They are light weight and formulated to feel like skin: With just $60-$69, you can get a very light weight serum foundation that is made to look like skin. So unlike the regular foundations that look so plastic and unnatural, the serum foundations look so real and almost like skin. Meaning that most times, when you apply the serum foundations, it is hardly noticeable. It is advised though that these serum foundations shouldn’t replace your regular body care products. You should just use them as an extension of your beauty products.

How can one apply these Serum Foundations?

  1. The Brush Method:
  • Shake the Serum Foundations to mix the contents properly as they contain emulsifiers and minerals.
  • Apply them on the brush till you get the desired amounts
  • Put them in circular movements on the face till you get the desired look and consistency you like.


The most hyped foundation this year? The Ordinary Serum Foundation (3.2 N) EU - 30ml

2. The Hand Method:

  • Shake the serum Foundation very well to mix the constituents.
  • Apply it directly on the palm and rub the palms together till you have gotten the consistency or color.
  • Rub the mix directly on the face. The Ordinary | Coverage Foundation - 30ml (1 oz) • Shade Swatch

Well, whichever method that works for you is fine but just be sure to apply them properly and in the right amounts. And remember also, they come in many shades, so find your shade and stick to it.  I’d be here waiting for the reviews. Have fun.

Sunglasses are for Mondays: Some Fun Tips!!!

Sunglasses are for Mondays though

Saying that we love sun-glasses is an understatement. In fact, we adore some nice shades. Who doesn’t like being so cool on Monday and radiantly adorned with something to complement their beauty with. Mondays are usually the start of a work week or school week, everywhere is usually boisterous and people are usually active on the road hitting college or going to work. Where ever you might be going to on Monday, don’t forget that taking some nice shades to the mix would only make you more appealing.

Now, you must be asking how to choose shades that would really make you sexy. Below are the points I consider when I want to buy some shades. They are not facts though more of theoretical but I know if you follow them simple rules, then choosing sun glasses would be a whole lot of fun.

  • Go for quality not how many you can have: When selecting glasses to rock for a day like Monday, you must know that quality is what is going to make you stand out. You can’t just buy thrift-shop glasses simply because you want to wear some shades. You must know that quality is what is going to inspire people that see you on Monday and hence, you must go for that quality. PS: High price doesn’t guarantee quality all the time. You can always shop at Prada sun-glass section , Maja Apparel or some other good retail shops that offer great quality.
Model’s IG handle: Maexmelanin


  • Your attitude determines the type of shades you’d go for:  What attitude would you what your Monday look to portray? Are you going to be giving us that wind out sexy and sassy look or breezy or calm or tomboyish look? What attitude exactly do you wish to start your week with. Mondays are for good vibes so let’s feel it in your shades.




  • Where would you be going to? Of course, you certainly know that your outings determine your shades. You shouldn’t of course wear dark shades to a conference meeting or to church, that would make you rather silly. Are you off to picnic with friends or are you just out there chilling alone at the beach? Where ever you plan to go to, never forget that good-looking shades most especially grace the way for you. Plan well, choose the shades well!




  • What color and shape works best for you? No doubt we all know that not every color goes well with our skin tone. Knowing what color goes best with you would certainly bring out the beauty in you. Before you shop for sun glasses, be sure to preen in front of a mirror when trying various styles and shapes.  Also, ask people questions so they could also help in choosing the right shades that perfectly complement your color and your face shape.


maja aparel
IG: sghriopreto


These are just few tips on how to select to select sun glasses to spice up your Monday. What are you still waiting for? Where exactly are you headed to? Have you spiced up your Monday right? What shades or brands work for you? What shades have you tried on lately that is cool and worth sharing. What other accessories do you think would spice up one’s Monday? Any experiences, questions or suggestions? Then use my comment box below and lol remember to inspire others also by sharing this post.